Individual Screening

A developmental, research-based  screening is available as a tool to provide a quick  overview of learning skills.  Based on the screening results and other input, further recommendations can be made .

Kindergarten Readiness Screening

The purpose of a kindergarten screening is not to test how much a child knows, so much as to see if a child is developmentally ready to start kindergarten.

Individual Consultation and/or Observation

Consultations to determine strategies or observations in home or at school that can help with decision making.

Complete Evaluation

Can include: Cognitive, Neuro-developmental, Academic, Speech/Language, Psycho-Educational, Autism, Behavior and more..........

ADHD Screening

Includes report & observation

School/Faulty Presentations

School/Faulty Presentations

Some presentation examples are: Behavioral Strategies & What is Special Education? Prices vary by length

Therapeutic Interventions

Within home or school.

School Screening for 25 Students plus

Whole classes or by referral is useful and cost effective.

School Consultation for 10 students plus

(example- multiple parent conferences)

SST Team meetings, behavior plans, etc.

Student Advocacy

In public schools with IEP's or in private schools

Behavioral Invention program/Therapeutic Interventions

A behavioral plan that is written for teacher and parents to follow


Sport, Educational and Behavioral: 60 & 90 min sessions


Counseling via internet and phone.


Group or Team Sport Psychology sessions

Group sessions to improve team cohesiveness and/or positive mental strategies.

Mental Skills Assessments

Learning and emotional skills profile to help develop athletic abilities.

Coach Counseling/Consultation

Consultation with athletic directors or coaches to enhance their effectiveness and strategies.

Bill Insurance

Superbill can be provided to bill insurance for all services